Job description: – Implementing processes customer service – Ensuring the quality of food safety and hygiene and…
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Why Moss ?

Perfect hotel

If you are followers of the luxurious hotels, do not overlook the hotels Moss because they will give visitors the experience stay beyond the comfort of a traditional hotel.

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Customer Benefits

As hotels have facilities, equipment, high quality of service, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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Moss Holidays Resort

Harmony with nature, with beautiful beaches, unspoiled tranquility, privacy will bring class and experience to the guests.

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Our history

Hotels Moss went through nearly a century of existence, is a symbol of the lavish splendor of Saigon at the time. So far, Moss retains glamor as ever and remains the pride of the people of Saigon.


Build up the heart of the city, a hotel called Moss with 3 floors, 44 bedrooms. This hotel in the style of French modern time, by a French architect design.


Moss was handed over to the Department of Tourism and Exhibition Indochina (Indochina Tourism & Exhibition The Department), by Mr. Franchini Mathieu – a Frenchman – operating.


Built by 2 floors and many resorts, a conference room according to international standards, a restaurant under the sketches of architect Ngo Viet Thu and was renamed Moss Resort.


Administered by the Department of Tourism Ho Chi Minh City, which is more other items, including a bar, an international meeting.


Moss Resort continue to “upgrade” to be raised to 8 floors and expand more branches Other hotels Moss.


This hotel is Tourism 5-star accreditation. Moss Resort is the first 5-star hotel invested by Vietnamese people, management and administration.



Enjoy a warm Christmas in 5 star resort

Customer appreciation rates of Moss, ONLY 498,000 VND / person – especially single night on the occasion of Christmas 2016. To Moss Resort & Spa, guests must be surprised by the immediate center of HCM has a beautiful paradise dream Only 498,000 VND – CHRISTMAS…
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Hotels – Resort What is prestige?

The hotel’s prestigious business based hotel providing accommodation services, food, and services offered to guests in order to meet the demand for food and rest and recreation at their guests The best standard calendar. The prestigious hotel has been ranked by the General…
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Our Heritage is part of Culture

Hotels are classified according to the division of work function. First to mention organizational structure typical of midsize hotel has about 500 rooms and on to the large hotels with 1,000 rooms. The function of the parts is clearly defined as well as organizational structure, powers and scope of control, relationships with staff will also be outlined. The following will mention the cons as well as the priority of the organizational model according to the hotel’s function.

The property is divided functionally into five separate parts: rooms, restaurants & a drink, accounting, marketing and human trade. The head of this department reports directly on GM. Each division is divided into small groups responsible. The breakdown of 5 major parts showing specialization therefore higher job skills knowledge of employees in each unit of further small.


Moss Resort is the pride of the hotel – Lodging – luxury resort in Vietnam. Currently hotels are growing up in Southeast Asia and the world.

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Experience in Moss

Here is a 5-star resort with high-end coastal style attentive service and caring. Let’s experience and choose for themselves suitable stopover offline!

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Ideal Location

Resort offers a gourmet restaurant and private dining with international cuisine, the bar and lounge is the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail in the evening.

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Tinh Tu

“5-star hotel with dedicated service, space and beautiful scenery, luxury. Also up on the rooftop bar at the hotel for a panoramic view of the city at night.”